Categorising Information with Pictorial Tables

Are you looking for fun activities that allow your students to categorise information with pictorial tables?

This resource is perfect for Year 1 HASS lessons as it will provide an opportunity for students to develop a pictorial table to categorise information (for example, matching clothes with seasons, activities with the weather, features and places, places with the work done).


These activities are aligned with the Australian Curriculum outcome:

★ ACHASSI020 – Sort and record information and data, including location, in tables and on plans and labelled maps.

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What’s included?

This resource includes eight templates and 60 picture cards that can be printed, cut and laminated to use as a lifelong teaching tool.


Students will categorise the following information:

  • Summer clothes
  • Winter clothes
  • Natural places
  • Managed places
  • Constructed places
  • School activities
  • Beach activities
  • Snowy day activities


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