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  • ResourcesforTeaching resources may be used by you personally to teach your class of students.
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Terms and Conditions of Purchase


Any products purchased from ResourcesforTeaching are purchased by you for your personal use and not for distribution or resale.

ResourcesforTeaching resources that are downloaded are able to be printed for personal use by the purchaser only. They can be used to teach your class of students, and are intended to be used in this way.


Payment for products must be made in full before access.

If any taxes or levies apply in your place of purchase, you will be liable to pay that amount or an amount equivalent to those taxes or levies.


Download products are immediately available to members of ResourcesforTeaching. If you have any problems with an immediate download, please contact us at


We provide no guarantee that you will be able to use school computers to download ResourcesforTeaching materials.

We do not refund customers who have already downloaded the file onto their device.


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