The Best Teaching Resources Aligned with the Australian Curriculum

lesson plan template for the Australian Curriculum

Are you searching for teaching resources that are aligned with the Australian Curriculum? Look no further than the Resources for Teaching website for a wonderful collection of teacher lesson plans, worksheets, activities, task cards, posters, and so much more! Many Australian educators have used their resources in their classroom, so you can rest assured knowing […]

ESL Lesson Planning Made Easy – Resources for Teaching

teacher lesson plan templates

Often, the most difficult part of teaching ESL is knowing which skills build on which. Although we have a curriculum, lesson and unit planning can be challenging when it comes to deciding the order in which we teach the skills. Luckily, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel as there are some teacher lesson plan […]

Tips To Prepare an Engaging Lesson Plan for English

lesson plans for kindergarten

Are you struggling to write fun and engaging lesson plans for your students? Here are a few tips to prepare meaningful lesson plans for kindergarten all the way up to year 6 students that will be a game changer! Make Learning Relevant: The content you teach needs to be applicable to your students’ daily lives, […]

Helpful Teacher Lesson Plan Templates to Stay on Track

lesson plans for teachers

Do you wish to stay organised and employ more effective teaching strategies during your lessons? A simple lesson plan template can help you establish a road map for teachers based on what has been taught and where to go next. In addition, it can help simplify the whole learning process by highlighting and focusing on […]

Strategies for Preventing Teacher Burn-Out and Protecting Your Wellbeing

Primary teaching resources

Some days, teaching is a fantastic and rewarding profession – building relationships and encouraging children to be the best they can be while positively impacting their lives. However, other days you find yourself lacking energy, support and inventiveness to continue through the working week. Teaching is one of few professions that require us to put […]

Teaching Resources and Activities for Your Primary School Students

Teaching Resources and Activities for Your Primary School Students

Whether you teach kindergarten or Year 6, the Resources for Teaching website has a helpful range of classroom resources for teachers that will support your students during lessons and save you valuable preparation time. Below, we share our collection of teacher-created materials to meet the diverse needs of your primary school students. Best of all: […]

Find a Growing Library of Resources for Teachers Online

Online Teacher Resources Internet access has improved the quality of education we provide our students in our classrooms. Most modern day teachers gain inspiration for their lessons during their own time at home when we scroll through their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest feeds for leisurely purposes. Educators have moved away from their traditional duties […]

Top 5 Educational Resources for Your Classroom

It’s 2020! Happy New Year, I hope you’re all enjoying the school holidays and recharging for another big year ahead of teaching and inspiring your students. Here are some classroom resources for teachers who are returning back to school at the end of this month. These educational resources and perfect for engaging activities, goal setting and classroom […]

5 Christmas Crafts for your Classroom

5 Christmas Crafts for your Classroom

It’s almost the month of Christmas; 2019 has certainly flown by in the blink of an eye! One of my favourite things about being a teacher is building upon students excitement for upcoming celebrations. I love how everything is so new and amazing from their young perspectives. Christmas crafts in primary school builds on their […]