Fractions Bundle For Younger Years


Here is our RAINBOW Fractions Bundle Pack that includes a variety of resources that are perfect for Year 1 & 2 students learning about this topic! Includes worksheets, lecture slides, classroom posters and task cards.


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The resources included in this bundle:


1. Halves, Quarters and Eighths Worksheets: 12 worksheets that require students to draw lines on shapes to create different fractions. Analyse a group of everyday items and seperate them into 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8’s. Read through real world problems and consider what half, one quarter or an eighth of a number is. Express their knowledge of fractions through creative outlets such as drawing, colouring and collage art.

2. Halves Quarters and Eighths Slides: A great introduction to fractions for younger students! Includes 39 informational slides are helpful for teachers during math lessons focusing on fractions. Provides plenty of real world examples that illustrate how we can make halves, quarters and eighths with 2D shapes and 3D objects. Your students will learn how many halves/ quarters/ eighths are needed to make a whole. There are multiple choice quiz questions throughout to check student understanding.

3. Fractions Classroom Posters: Includes 16 brightly coloured fraction posters are designed to use in your classroom to help students see various models used to represent the following fractions:one whole, one half, one third, one fourth/ one quarter, one fifth, one sixth, one seventh and one eighth. Plenty of posters to match various abilities of students for all primary year levels!

4. Fraction Task Cards: These 40 task cards are a wonderful learning tool for Year 1 and 2 students learning about fractions! They align with common core standards for Stage 1 students. All task cards come in vibrant colours to keep your students engaged and to clearly illustrate a variety of fractions. There is also a student recording sheet and teacher answer key to make your life easier!


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