Fun Weekly Riddles for Kids


These 108 FUN riddles will challenge your student’s minds and put their problem-solving skills to the test! From silly jokes to brain teasers, these riddles are perfect for classroom brain breaks and bell ringers.


How can I use this resource?


A daily schedule is the foundation of effective classroom management. What better way to get pupils thinking than with a few challenging riddles? The daily routine for the class will be obvious to the kids the moment they walk in the door. You could also take use of them as Brain Breaks or Brain Teasers if you see that your pupils need a moment to “recharge.” If you have a few extra minutes until the bell rings you could use these riddles as a no-prep time filler.


These riddles can be displayed on your Smart Board for a whole class game or they can be printed and laminated to create task cards for students to work on independently!

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Why are riddles beneficial for kids?


These brain-teasing puzzles provide more than just entertainment; they offer numerous educational and developmental advantages that can help children in various aspects of their lives.


Some of the key benefits include:

– Boost critical thinking skills

– Enhance language development

– Promote creativity and imagination

– Build confidence and provide a sense of accomplishment

– Evokes positive emotions that contribute to emotional development

– Encourages patience and perseverance

– Offers screen-free entertainment


Riddles are a delightful and enriching way to stimulate a child’s mind, supporting their cognitive, emotional, and social development while having fun at the same time.

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