Interactive Drag & Drop Puzzles


Boost your students’ engagement in the classroom or during online learning using these fun interactive puzzles! Perfect for fast finishers, brain breaks, morning work and free time activities. This resource involves NO PREP and will leave your students smiling.


Did you know there are many benefits of doing puzzles? Here are a few reasons why you should incorporate them into your classroom:

1. A great mental exercise for both the left and right side of the brain

2. Improves visual-spatial reasoning

3. Greater attention to detail

4. Improves memory, mental speed and thought processes

5. Enhances problem solving abilities



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These puzzles are available in Powerpoint Presentation format for your students to use!


20 Drag & Drop Interactive Puzzles:

– 5 x Easy (3 x 3 grid)

– 5 x Easy/ Medium (3 x 4 grid)

– 5 x Medium/ Hard (4 x 4 grid)

– 5 x Hard (4 x 5 grid)


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