Math Booklets Year 4 BUNDLE


Includes four booklets that are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and covers ALL of the syllabus outcomes and content for Year 4 students. This download is a MASSIVE time-saver for teachers with plenty of worksheets to choose from for assessment or revision throughout the whole year!


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Content and outcomes covered:


Number and place value, fractions and decimals, money and financial maths, patterns and algebra.

The following outcomes are addressed in this pack:
ACMNA071 – Investigate and use the properties of odd and even numbers
ACMNA072 – Recognise, represent and order numbers to at least tens of thousands
ACMNA073 – Apply place value to partition, rearrange and regroup numbers to at least tens of thousands to assist calculations and solve problems
ACMNA074 – Investigate number sequences involving multiples of 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9
ACMNA075 – Recall multiplication facts up to 10 × 10 and related division facts
ACMNA076 – Develop efficient mental and written strategies and use appropriate digital technologies for multiplication and for division where there is no remainder
ACMNA077 – Investigate equivalent fractions used in contexts
ACMNA078 – Count by quarters halves and thirds, including with mixed numerals. Locate and represent these fractions on a number line
ACMNA079 – Recognise that the place value system can be extended to tenths and hundredths. Make connections between fractions and decimal notation
ACMNA080 – Solve problems involving purchases and the calculation of change to the nearest five cents with and without digital technologies
ACMNA081 – Explore and describe number patterns resulting from performing multiplication
ACMNA082 – Solve word problems by using number sentences involving multiplication or division where there is no remainder
ACMNA083 – Find unknown quantities in number sentences involving addition and subtraction and identify equivalent number sentences involving addition and subtraction


Using units of measurement, shape, location and transformation and geometric reasoning.

The following outcomes are addressed in this pack:
ACMMG084 – Use scaled instruments to measure and compare lengths, masses, capacities and temperatures
ACMMG290 – Compare objects using familiar metric units of area and volume
ACMMG085 – Convert between units of time
ACMMG086 – Use ‘am’ and ‘pm’ notation and solve simple time problems
ACMMG087 – Compare the areas of regular and irregular shapes by informal means
ACMMG088 – Compare and describe two dimensional shapes that result from combining and splitting common shapes, with and without the use of digital technologies
ACMMG090 – Use simple scales, legends and directions to interpret information contained in basic maps
ACMMG091 – Create symmetrical patterns, pictures and shapes with and without digital technologies
ACMMG089 – Compare angles and classify them as equal to, greater than, or less than, a right angle


Chance, data representation and interpretation.

The following outcomes are addressed in this pack:
ACMSP092 – Describe possible everyday events and order their chances of occurring
ACMSP093 – Identify everyday events where one cannot happen if the other happens
ACMSP094 – Identify events where the chance of one will not be affected by the occurrence of the other
ACMSP095 – Select and trial methods for data collection, including survey questions and recording sheets
ACMSP096 – Construct suitable data displays, with and without the use of digital technologies, from given or collected data. Include tables, column graphs and picture graphs where one picture can represent many data values


A booklet that contains plenty of engaging short tasks useful for teaching Year 4 students. These tasks cover all 3 content areas: number & algebra, measurement & geometry and statistics & probability. There is a maths column for each school day of the week (Monday – Friday) and includes a bonus extension for children who finish early or would like to challenge themselves. Perfect to use as a warm-up activity or as an assessment to check students understandings of various mathematical concepts.

✩ Each resource includes a coversheet to print and turn into a work booklet or pick and choose which pages to use. All of the pages can be printed 2 to a page to save on paper (go to your printer settings to do this). Alternatively, you could laminate the pages to serve as early finisher activities or a maths center activities.


✓ All four booklets come with an answer key for easy marking!

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