Natural Resources – Renewable and Non-Renewable


These slides and worksheets make learning about the Earth’s natural resources engaging and interesting! Includes 16 informational slides and four worksheets that will allow Year 4 students to identify renewable and non-renewable resources.


This resource is perfect for Year 4 HASS lessons as it is aligned the following ACARA outcome:

★ The use and management of natural resources and waste, and the different views on how to do this sustainably (ACHASSK090)


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What’s included?


Informational Slides:

– What Is a Natural Resource?

– Types of Natural Resources

– Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

– Renewable Resources (definition and examples)

– Renewable Resource #1: Water

– Renewable Resource #2: Plants and Animals

– Renewable Resource #3: Soil

– Renewable Resource #4: Sunlight

– Non-Renewable Resources (definition and examples)

– Non-Renewable Resource #1: Fossil Fuels

– Non-Renewable Resource #2: Minerals

– Why Is It Important to Understand the Difference?

– Environmental Awareness & Resource Management

– Sustainable Habits & Future Planning

– Empowerment



  1. Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources Sorting Activity
  2. Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources Close Passage
  3. Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources Vocabulary Table
  4. Non-Renewable Resources Mineral or Fossil Fuel? Sorting Activity


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