No Prep Christmas Math Worksheets – Year 2

Are you searching for fun end of year math activities for your Year 2 students?

Our Christmas Math Worksheets are great for revision as they are linked to various Number and Algebra outcomes in the Australian Curriculum (ACARA) including: AC9M2N01, AC9M2N02, AC9M2N03, AC9M2N04, AC9M2N05 and AC9M2N06.

Your students will love completing these worksheets filled with engaging activities and delightful Christmas illustrations to get them excited for the holidays!

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Page 1: Numbers to 1000 – Recognising, Representing and Ordering Numbers

Page 2: Place Value – Ordering Three- and Four-Digit Numbers

Page 3: Renaming Numbers – Place Value: Hundreds, Tens and Ones

Page 4: Fractions – Creating Halves, Quarters and Eighths

Page 5: Addition and Subtraction – Solving 2-Digit Number Problems Using the Jump Strategy

Page 6: Colour By Number – Solving 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction Problems

Page 7: Arrays – Making Arrays to Solve Simple Multiplication Problems

Page 8: Holiday Word Problems 1 – Solving Word Problems Involving Division

Page 9: Holiday Word Problems 2 – Solving Word Problems Involving Multiplication

Page 10: Solving Practical Problems Involving Additive and Multiplicative Situations

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