British Colonisation in Australia


Includes 11 worksheets and 16 informational slides. This resource is fantastic for stage 3 (year 5 and 6) students studying the Australian Colonies and aligns with the Australian Curriculum (ACHHK095). Contains plenty of tasks designed to increase students understandings of significant developments and events that occurred after the arrival of the first fleet in 1788 in Botany Bay mostly during the 19th century (1800-1900).


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Students will learn about:

– The Eureka Stockade

– The Advent of Rail

– The Frontier Conflict

– The Gold Rushes

– Exploration of Australia

– The Expansion of Farming

– Drought within Australia



  • The Eureka Stockade: 4 worksheets

mind-map, multiple choice, short answer questions, locating Ballarat on the map, researching the location, drawing and explaining the symbolism behind the Eureka Flag, 2 extended answer questions based on being in the perspective of a successful and/or unsuccessful miner.

  • The Advent of Rail: 1 worksheet

short answer questions, multiple choice, true or false statements, benefits of having rail during the mid 19th century

  • The Frontier Conflict: 2 worksheets

word definition short answers, problem solving to resolve conflicts between the European settlers and Indigenous peoples, close passage with word bank

  • The Gold Rushes: 1 worksheet

Research task to record facts about a significant site in Australia during the gold rush period.

  • Drought in Australia: 1 worksheet

short answer word definitions, true or false statements, close-passage with word bank

  • Exploration of Australia: 1 worksheet

students fill in a timeline by choosing 5 significant Europeans who went on a voyage to Australia to discover new coastline. Information to be included: the year voyage took place, event and person involved, facts about where they travelled from, the route they took and exactly which part of Australian coastline they discovered.

  • Expansion of Farming: 1 worksheet

James Ruse Biography for students to research facts about birth/death date, place of birth, beliefs, significant life events, occupation and fun facts.


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