Significant Australians


This resource is fantastic for Year 5 and 6 students who are learning about Australia as a Nation for history. The information and activities in this resource is aligned with the Australian Curriculum for Stage 3 students.


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Aligned with the Australian Curriculum for Stage 3 students



  • HT3-3 identifies change and continuity and describes the causes and effects of change on Australian society


  • Key figures and events that led to Australia’s Federation, including British and American influences on Australia’s system of law and government (ACHHK113)
  • Sequence key figures and events and explain their significance in the development of Australian democracy, eg Sir Henry Parkes, Edmund Barton, Louisa Lawson, Vida Goldstein


This resource is a fantastic bundle for Stage 3 History lessons that focus on Australia as a Nation. The worksheet contains historical information about Sir Henry Parkes, Sir Edmund Barton, Vida Goldstein and Louisa Lawson’s contribution to Australian democracy and provides key events that lead to the union of seperate colonies through the Australian constitution.


Sir Henry Parkes: This resource contains textual information and a series of dates that must be chronologically ordered. Students must analyse information from the powerpoint and worksheet to create their own timeline of facts about Sir Henry Parkes and democracy. A series of questions on the worksheet enhance students knowledge and revision of the lesson. Factual details about Sir Henry Parkes are provided throughout the powerpoint allowing the teacher to ask a series of open ended questions to extend the learner.



  • 1x Sir Henry Parkes TIMELINE WORKSHEET
  • 1x Sir Henry Parkes POWERPOINT SLIDES (9 informational slides & pictures)


Additional bonuses:

  • 1x Sir Henry Parkes TIMELINE WORKSHEET ANSWERS (for teacher use)
  • 1x Model of the TIMELINE (demonstrates how to cut and glue)


Sir Edmund Barton: This resource contains 15 informational slides that explain his background and personal experiences, what a tariff means, what federation means, how Australia transformed post-federation during 1901- 1931, his contribution to federation in Australia, the official Australian flag and final design in 1901, a dominant ‘white Australia’ and the Immigration Restriction Act., important events during Sir Edmund Barton’s leadership from 1901-1903.



  • 12x reflection questions at the end of the informational slides to test knowledge


Worksheet Activities:

★ The Australian Flag-

1) Students must recall the colours and symbols used in the Australian flag. They will colour in a template and list parts of the flag (Union Jack, Commonwealth Star, 5 stars of the Pleiades)

2) Students design their own flags that represent modern day Australia. They must explain their colour choices and symbols used.

★ Edmund Barton Questions Worksheet-

Student’s apply their knowledge from the PowerPoint Slides to answer questions about Sir Edmund Barton and his time in Parliament as Australia’s first Prime Minister.

★ Edmund Barton Biography Worksheet-

Fill in Sir Barton’s personal biography that documents his beliefs, occupations, place and country of birth, significant events, birth/death dates and fun facts!


Vida Goldstein: This powerpoint presentation and worksheet set contains key facts about Vida Goldstein’s life and her contribution to Australian democracy. It includes definitions of key words (politician, feminist, suffrage, social reform, petition and social welfare) so that students can comprehend vocabulary used in this resource. It covers the following topics:

– What is a democracy?

– Significant events in Vida Goldstein’s life

– Vida Goldstein’s contributions:

– Social reforms

– Advocated laws

– What is a sweatshop?

– The Anti-Sweating League

– The Factory Act. (1896)

– Poorly affected trades

– Reflection questions



★ 12x informational slides

★ Vida Goldstein Worksheet (2 pages in total)

– Contains 15 questions for students to answer to test their knowledge from the PowerPoint slides

– Writing space is included for students to paste straight into their history books

★ Vida Goldstein Biography Worksheet (1 page in total)

Fill in Vida Goldstein’s personal biography that documents her beliefs, occupations, place and country of birth, significant events, birth/death dates and fun facts!


Louisa Lawson: This resource explains who Louisa Lawson was and how she was dedicated to ensure Australian women had equal rights. The informational slides (pdf) provide definitions: (activist, feminist, suffragist, business woman, author) and cover gender inequality during the 19th century, Lawson’s contribution to Australian democracy, what is Feminism? feminism explained and the dedication to Louisa Lawson it also includes 8 reflection questions.



★ Worksheet 1: Louisa Lawson Questions

★ Worksheet 2: Louisa Lawson Biography Sheet


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