Sir Henry Parkes Contribution to Democracy


Aligned with the Australian Curriculum for Year 5 and 6 students: Key figures and events that led to Australia’s Federation, including British and American influences on Australia’s system of law and government (ACHHK113).




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★ 1x Sir Henry Parkes TIMELINE WORKSHEET

★ 1x Sir Henry Parkes PDF SLIDES (9 informational slides & pictures)


Additional bonuses:

★ 1x Sir Henry Parkes TIMELINE WORKSHEET ANSWERS (for teacher use)

★ 1x Model of the TIMELINE (demonstrates how to cut and glue)


This resource is a fantastic bundle for Stage 3 History lessons that focus on Australia as a Nation. The worksheet contains historical information about Sir Henry Parkes’ contribution to Australian democracy and provides key events that lead to the union of seperate colonies through the Australian constitution.


Additionally, this resource contains textual information and a series of dates that must be chronologically ordered. Students must analyse information from the powerpoint and worksheet to create their own timeline of facts about Sir Henry Parkes and democracy. A series of questions on the worksheet enhance students knowledge and revision of the lesson. Factual details about Sir Henry Parkes are provided throughout the powerpoint allowing the teacher to ask a series of open ended questions to extend the learner.


PowerPoint Slide details covered:

– Who was Sir Henry Parkes?

– What is democracy?

– Australia before democracy.

– Parkes’ contribution to democracy in Australia

– Resistance against democracy from the colonies

– The Tenterfield address (includes a map of the Tenterfield region)

– Acceptance of the federal constitution

– Parkes death and overall significance


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