Immigration in Australia


This is a fantastic learning tool for Year 5 and 6 students who are completing the History unit: The Australian Colonies (ACHHK096)

Outcomes covered:

  • Describes and explains the significance of people, groups, places and events to the development of Australia (HT3-1)
  • Describes and explains different experiences of people living in Australia over time (HT3-2)


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Australian Immigration PowerPoint (18 informational slides)

This powerpoint presentation contains key facts about Australia’s immigration policies and history leading to our current multicultural society. It includes definitions of key words (immigration, federation and multiculturalism) so that students can comprehend vocabulary used in this resource. It covers the following topics:

– Australia Prior to Immigration (1800’s-1900’s)

– Key Word Definitions/ Why Multiculturalism is Important

– Why is Australia an Appealing Country to Live?

– Reasons for Immigration

– Key Events and Dates (1901- 1975)

– Who Arrived and When?

– Policies Impacting Australian Immigrants

– The Migration Act. (1959)

– The States of Australia

– Statistics- graphs and questions

– British and Irish Australians: reasons for migration & benefits

– Italian Australians: reasons for migration & benefits

– Greek Australians: reasons for migration & benefits

– Chinese Australians: reasons for migration & benefits

– Requirements for migration to Australia

– 12 Reflection Questions


This PowerPoint compliments the worksheets attached that can be used together for a strong understanding of the Australian Colonies and Immigration. The Powerpoint includes information retrieved from quality sources so that students learn about accurate facts during the development of Australian multiculturalism.


National Flags: Label, Colour and Independent Research Worksheet (2 pages in total)

– Contains 6 flags for students to label using the word bank

– Students must colour each national flag in their traditional shades

– Students must list benefits immigrants from each country bring to Australian society.

3 sections of the worksheet to complete with 17 different activities to complete

Writing space is included for students to paste straight into their history books


Australian Immigration Reflection Worksheet (2 pages in total)

– Contains 12 questions that enhance student knowledge on Australian Immigration based on the PowerPoint slides.


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