Continents of the World


Use these informational slides and worksheets to expand students knowledge about the seven continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antartica, Australia and Europe.

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22 pages of information about each continents:

  • population
  • total land area
  • location
  • unique characteristics and facts
  • continental neighbours
  • activity to arrange continents from largest to smallest
  • Key word definitions
  • View and analyse data in the forms of pie, bar graphs and pictures

2 worksheets:

  • to enhance knowledge learnt from the slides
  • includes 12 questions to recall facts

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    Very thorough content and all aligned to Aust Curriculum.  Great resource to the unit.

    Belinda M

    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Thank you very helpful for my Australian unit. Saved me lots of time. 

    Lozz K

    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Exactly what a teacher needs when they have early finishers and they are working with a child/children and need others to continue working independently. 

    Molly B

    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Great colourful resources. Loved the sorting activity- it provided for lots of discussion.

    Sue W

    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Great content and appropriate language for my year six students. Thanks for taking the time to create this resource and for sharing it. 

    Cassie O

    Resources for Teaching Australia
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