Math Booklets Year 6 BUNDLE


Includes 4 booklets that are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and covers ALL of the syllabus outcomes and content for Year 5 students. This download is a MASSIVE time-saver for teachers with plenty of worksheets to choose from for assessment or revision throughout the whole year.

✔ All 4 booklets come with an ANSWER KEY for easy marking and require no prep!

✩ Each resource includes a coversheet to create individual workbooks or select specific pages to use as worksheets. All of the pages can be printed 2 to a page to save on paper (go to your printer settings to do this). Alternatively, you could laminate the pages to serve as early finisher activities or a maths center activities.

Each resource is $5, however with the bundle you will buy 3 and get 1 free with the price set at $15 only.

*please note this is a very brief description about what is included, to see exactly what is included please scroll down to for more details and refer to each specific resource page*

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Number and place value, fractions and decimals, money and financial maths, patterns and algebra.

The following outcomes are addressed in this pack:

  • ACMNA122 – Identify and describe properties of prime, composite, square and triangular numbers
  • ACMNA123 – Select and apply efficient mental and written strategies and appropriate digital technologies to solve problems involving all four operations with whole numbers
  • ACMNA124 – Investigate everyday situations that use integers. Locate and represent these numbers on a number line
  • ACMNA125 – Compare fractions with related denominators and locate and represent them on a number line
  • ACMNA126 – Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with the same or related denominators
  • ACMNA127 – Find a simple fraction of a quantity where the result is a whole number, with and without digital technologies
  • ACMNA128 – Add and subtract decimals, with and without digital technologies, and use estimation and rounding to check the reasonableness of answers
  • ACMNA129 – Multiply decimals by whole numbers and perform divisions by non-zero whole numbers where the results are terminating decimals, with and without digital technologies
  • ACMNA130 – Multiply and divide decimals by powers of 10
  • ACMNA131 – Make connections between equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages
  • ACMNA132 – Investigate and calculate percentage discounts of 10%, 25% and 50% on sale items, with and without digital technologies
  • ACMNA133 – Continue and create sequences involving whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Describe the rule used to create the sequence
  • ACMNA134 – Explore the use of brackets and order of operations to write number sentences



Using units of measurement, shape, location and transformation and geometric reasoning

The following outcomes are addressed in this pack:

  • ACMMG135 – Connect decimal representations to the metric system
  • ACMMG136 – Convert between common metric units of length, mass and capacity
  • ACMMG137 – Solve problems involving the comparison of lengths and areas using appropriate units
  • ACMMG138 – Connect volume and capacity and their units of measurement
  • ACMMG139 – Interpret and use timetables
  • ACMMG140 – Construct simple prisms and pyramids
  • ACMMG141 – Investigate, with and without digital technologies, angles on a straight line, angles at a point and vertically opposite angles. Use results to find unknown angles
  • ACMMG142 – Investigate combinations of translations, reflections and rotations, with and without the use of digital technologies
  • ACMMG143 – Introduce the Cartesian coordinate system using all four quadrants



Chance and data representation & interpretation

The following outcomes are addressed in this pack:

  • ACMSP144 – Describe probabilities using fractions, decimals and percentages
  • ACMSP145 – Conduct chance experiments with both small and large numbers of trials using appropriate digital technologies
  • ACMSP146 – Compare observed frequencies across experiments with expected frequencies
  • ACMSP147 – Interpret and compare a range of data displays, including side-by-side column graphs for two categorical variables
  • ACMSP148 – Interpret secondary data presented in digital media and elsewhere



This 3 week booklet contains plenty of engaging short tasks for Year 6 students!

The following topics in this booklet include: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry & Statistics and Probability

There is a maths column for each school day of the week (Monday – Friday) and includes a bonus extension for children who finish early or would like to challenge themselves. Perfect to use as a warm-up activity, review or as an assessment to check students understandings of various mathematical concepts.

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    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Very thorough content and all aligned to Aust Curriculum.  Great resource to the unit.

    Belinda M

    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Thank you very helpful for my Australian unit. Saved me lots of time. 

    Lozz K

    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Exactly what a teacher needs when they have early finishers and they are working with a child/children and need others to continue working independently. 

    Molly B

    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Great colourful resources. Loved the sorting activity- it provided for lots of discussion.

    Sue W

    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Great content and appropriate language for my year six students. Thanks for taking the time to create this resource and for sharing it. 

    Cassie O

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    Chantal from Singapore bought this product about 3 hours ago
    Chantal from Singapore bought this product about 3 hours ago