Measurement & Geometry – Year 4


Aligned to the Australian Curriculum. This printable booklet includes 19 worksheets to assist year 4 students learning about Measurement and Geometry in the Mathematics syllabus. Plenty of topics covered within this strand of learning including:using units of measurement, shape, location and transformation and geometric reasoning

✩ ALL Year 4 Australian Curriculum Maths Outcomes are linked to this ‘Measurement and Geometry’ booklet.

✩ Includes ANSWER KEY for easy marking!

The following outcomes are addressed in this pack:
ACMMG084 – Use scaled instruments to measure and compare lengths, masses, capacities and temperatures
ACMMG290 – Compare objects using familiar metric units of area and volume
ACMMG085 – Convert between units of time
ACMMG086 – Use ‘am’ and ‘pm’ notation and solve simple time problems
ACMMG087 – Compare the areas of regular and irregular shapes by informal means
ACMMG088 – Compare and describe two dimensional shapes that result from combining and splitting common shapes, with and without the use of digital technologies
ACMMG090 – Use simple scales, legends and directions to interpret information contained in basic maps
ACMMG091 – Create symmetrical patterns, pictures and shapes with and without digital technologies
ACMMG089 – Compare angles and classify them as equal to, greater than, or less than, a right angle

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More details:

Page 1: Coversheet page with illustrations and spot to write name
Page 2: Units of Measurement: Comparing Lengths (mm, cm, km)
Page 3: Units of Measurement: Measuring Lengths
Page 4: Units of Measurement: Comparing Mass (g and kg)
Page 5: Units of Measurement: Measuring Mass (reading scales)
Page 6: Units of Measurement: Comparing Capacity (mL and L)
Page 7: Units of Measurement: Measuring Volume and Capacity
Page 8: Units of Measurement: Comparing Temperatures
Page 9: Units of Measurement: Measuring Temperatures
Page 10: Units of Measurement: Word Problems (length, mass, capacity and temperature)
Page 11: Converting Units of Time (seconds, minutes, hours, days)
Page 12: Elapsed Time and Duration Word Problems
Page 13: Time Activities in Daily Life
Page 14: Area of Regular and Irregular Shapes 1
Page 15: Area of Regular and Irregular Shapes 2
Page 16: Splitting Two-Dimensional Shapes
Page 17: Combining and Decomposing Two-Dimensional Shapes
Page 18: Mapping and Directions (using north, east, south and west)
Page 19: Symmetrical Patterns (block patterns and symmetrical drawings)
Page 20: Comparing and Classifying Angles (acute, right-angle, obtuse, straight)

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    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Very thorough content and all aligned to Aust Curriculum.  Great resource to the unit.

    Belinda M

    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Thank you very helpful for my Australian unit. Saved me lots of time. 

    Lozz K

    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Exactly what a teacher needs when they have early finishers and they are working with a child/children and need others to continue working independently. 

    Molly B

    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Great colourful resources. Loved the sorting activity- it provided for lots of discussion.

    Sue W

    Resources for Teaching Australia

    Great content and appropriate language for my year six students. Thanks for taking the time to create this resource and for sharing it. 

    Cassie O

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