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The newest worksheets, lessons, activities and games for your classroom.

  • Count, Colour and Record – Data & Graphing Worksheets

  • Force and Motion – Push and Pull Worksheets

  • Homophone Worksheets – Activity 1

  • Alphabet Revision Worksheets

Popular Resources

The most downloaded resources used by teachers across Australia.

  • Fiction Reading Comprehension – Year 3 and 4

  • Public Speaking and Active Listening Skills Posters

  • Math Booklet Year 2 BUNDLE

  • Types of Angles Posters

Authors Choice

  • Healthy Living Activities

  • Changes to the Earth’s Surface

  • Useful Templates for Tutoring – PART 1

  • Five Senses and Extras Adjective Posters

English Resources

  • Interactive Adverb Game

  • Book Report & Author Biography

  • Types of Words Display Posters

  • JUNIOR Dictionary Dig Task Cards

Math Resources

  • Multiplication Booklet for Year 3 Students

  • Kindergarten No Prep Math Worksheets

  • Financial Maths Booklet for Year 4 & 5

  • Number and Algebra Booklet – Year 2

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    Australia’s Leading Teaching Resources

    Browse through the best teacher resources for primary and secondary education. Students learn valuable skills when the content and learning activities are enjoyable and understandable. Our store facilitates highly engaging learning environments through our broad range of teacher created resources that are aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

    Teacher Lesson Plans and Teacher Lesson Plan Templates for Primary Teachers can be found here

    We understand that teachers have an overwhelming number of tasks to complete each day; meetings, marking, programming, duties, reports and the list goes on. Our printables, worksheets and activities will help save you time and energy preparing educational lessons so that you can be more present with your students in the classroom.

    If you need to pull a lesson together quickly, our downloadable resources are fast and easy to access and use from your computer or devices. We have plenty of fantastic tools on our website to support busy full-time and casual teachers.