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Often, the most difficult part of teaching ESL is knowing which skills build on which. Although we have a curriculum, lesson and unit planning can be challenging when it comes to deciding the order in which we teach the skills. Luckily, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel as there are some teacher lesson plan templates available online that can make your life easier. The Resources for Teaching website offers plenty of fun activities for ESL learners and lessons to build upon their skills.

Here are a few of their best-selling ESL resources, templates, and lesson plans:

1. Snakes and Ladders Printable Games: Kindergarten and Year 1 Students

Learning how to read words with digraphs can be tricky for young students, this resource is perfect for kindergarten and Year 1 students who can improve their abilities to read common words with blends! It includes 10 games of Snakes and Ladders that focus on particular digraph groups, each type of blend is colour coded for students to make connections between the same sounds in different words. Each game has a range of different words for students to practice reading and is great for literacy rotations!

Snakes and Ladders Printable Games

2. Lesson Plan: Adjectives (No Prep)

Lesson Plan AdjectivesLesson Plan Adjectives

This lesson plan provides students with the opportunity to practice using adjectives in their sentences to describe nouns. Students will explore different types of adjectives to describe feelings, numbers, colour, size, quality and shape.

We have included the printable materials required to teach effortlessly, including some flashcards and an assessment worksheet to check your students understanding at the completion of the lesson.

3. Printable Templates for Tutoring and Lesson Planning

Printable Templates for Tutoring and Lesson Planning

If you plan on tutoring during the school year or need some help maintaining organisation during your private lessons these 14 templates for tutoring are exactly what you need! These printables are designed to be a quick and easy way to prepare yourself prior to sessions and to jot down activities and notes during a tutoring lesson for easy communication with the parents about what their children have been working on and how they are progressing. Keep track of your schedule throughout the week and payments for your tutoring.

If you’re looking for a great lesson plan for teachers, worksheets, or games for your classroom visit the Resources for Teaching website to download a helpful collection of materials:

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