Tips To Prepare an Engaging Lesson Plan for English

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lesson plans for kindergarten

Are you struggling to write fun and engaging lesson plans for your students? Here are a few tips to prepare meaningful lesson plans for kindergarten all the way up to year 6 students that will be a game changer!

Make Learning Relevant:

The content you teach needs to be applicable to your students’ daily lives, be sure to engage with your students’ interests. Consider what their passions are and what will spark their interests then find a way to include these in the lesson.

Use Learning Intentions and Success Criteria:

A learning intention is a statement that clearly describes what the teacher would like the pupils to know, understand and be able to do at the end of a lesson. The success criteria is the levels to determine if an objective has been achieved or is successful. Be sure to keep the students focused on one or two goals maximum- too many can be overwhelming and unachievable in a single lesson.

Safe Atmosphere for Students to Ask Questions:

Make sure children feel like they can ask for help. Often, students fall behind because they are too afraid to ask for support. Additionally, make sure you’re creating many opportunities for students to investigate and delve deeper into the content. Provide chances for children to elaborate on their own ideas and question any concepts they find confusing or don’t agree with.

Use Groupwork and Collaboration:

There are many benefits of collaborative learning such as the development of higher-level thinking, improving leadership skills, enhancing student self-esteem and improving oral communication to name only a few. Groupwork enhances engagement as many children love hands on activities as well as sharing their ideas and efforts with others.

Get Your Students Up and Moving:

There’s no doubt about it, students learn better when they move their bodies. We expect our students to sit for hours on end. Whether they are learning in a classroom, outside or at home, children should be encouraged to get out of their chairs and move around. Movement has a strong effect on retention of information and engagement- plus it’s fun!

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