Top 5 Educational Resources for Your Classroom

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It’s 2020! Happy New Year, I hope you’re all enjoying the school holidays and recharging for another big year ahead of teaching and inspiring your students. Here are some classroom resources for teachers who are returning back to school at the end of this month. These educational resources and perfect for engaging activities, goal setting and classroom display resources to provide strategies for your students and brighten up your learning space.

     1.  2020 Goal Templates

Help your students set up for a year of success and accomplishment by writing or drawing their goals on these 12 beautiful templates. Hang around your classroom to remind students what they are aiming for which can be used as a fantastic intrinsic motivator. Some templates require drawing pictures for younger children as well as written ideas for older years. This has been one of the most popular classroom resources purchased by teachers this year.

2020 Student Goal Templates2020 Student Goal Templates

“You can’t hit the target unless you are aiming for it, and you can’t achieve a goal without having it” 🎯– Shawn Doyle.

     2.  Ice Breakers Slides

An engaging back to school activity to classmates to get to know each other. Includes 30 slides that ask questions to spark new ideas and creative answers. Your students can find similarities and differences with their peers and share interesting conversations to break the ice.

     3.  Reading Group Posters

These 28 posters are perfect for grouping your students for guided reading, literacy or maths groups throughout the year. Simply print, laminate and hang these themed posters in your classroom. Write students names on the posters to sort into reading group levels. Great for adding some colour and fun into your learning space!

Fruit Theme Reading GroupsAustralian Native Animals Reading GroupsUnder the Sea Reading Group Posters

     4.  Fast Finisher Task Cards

Includes plenty of task cards for years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. These bright and engaging task cards are perfect for all primary school classrooms. Plenty of activities to reinforce skills your students have learnt that will keep them busy all year. Students can simply swap cards or pick one up when they have finished their work early. This gives you the opportunity to work with kids who are struggling with their work whilst giving something thought-provoking to the others. This bundle comes in handy for casual teachers who work with children across the stages as well as classroom teachers to prepare for future years ahead or provide more complex/ easier tasks to their children depending on their ability

All Fast Finisher Task CardsAll Fast Finisher Task CardsAll Fast Finisher Task Cards

     5.  Spelling Tests and Activity Templates

This resource is great for your students to use for their weekly spelling tests for 10, 15 and 20 +5 extension words. Includes 9 spelling pre and post test templates and 5 worksheet activities for students to complete throughout the week to reinforce correct spelling.

For more educational resources and classroom display resources to buy for your new class in 2020 head over to ‘Events’ and select ‘Back to School’. There’s plenty of fun activities and classroom resources to choose from to start the year in an enjoyable and exciting way.

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