Teaching Resources and Activities for Your Primary School Students

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Teaching Resources and Activities for Your Primary School Students

Whether you teach kindergarten or Year 6, the Resources for Teaching website has a helpful range of classroom resources for teachers that will support your students during lessons and save you valuable preparation time. Below, we share our collection of teacher-created materials to meet the diverse needs of your primary school students. Best of all: they are affordable, versatile and super engaging!

Resources for Younger Year Levels:

1. Early Finisher Task Cards for Year 1 & 2 Students: Includes 44 engaging activities for year 1 and 2 students who finish their work quickly. These tasks reinforce skills that have been taught or give children a chance to think about some topics they will be learning about in this stage of learning. Simply print and laminate these cards to be used over and over again.

Resource Link: https://resourcesforteaching.com.au/all-resources/early-finishers-task-cards-1-2/

2. Procedure Writing Templates: A fantastic resource for primary students who are learning to write procedures in a fun way! Each writing template comes with images to glue on the top and bottom of their work. Children will be exposed to different types of sequential language that are essential for recording and following steps/ a method.

Resource Link: https://resourcesforteaching.com.au/all-resources/procedure-writing-templates/

3. Graphing and Data Task Cards: Includes 48 differentiated task cards for year 1 and 2 students who are learning how to analyse and interpret data graphs. This download comes with 3 of each 4 graph styles: picture graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and tally charts. Each graph/ chart comes with a question below which require students to analyse the data and record their answer on the recording sheet. If you’re searching for math websites for teachers to support your lessons, you must take a look at their collection of resources for numeracy.

Resource Link: https://resourcesforteaching.com.au/all-resources/graphing-and-data-task-cards/

Early Finisher Task Cards

Resources for Upper Primary Year Levels:

1. The 6 Comprehension Strategies Posters:

Includes 6 vivid posters which are perfect for students who are learning to comprehend the meanings of texts and stories that they read, listen to or watch. Each poster includes a colourful background, title, description and images to match the specific strategy. Posters for the following: visualise, predict, form connections, question, summarise and monitor.

Resource Link: https://resourcesforteaching.com.au/all-resources/comprehension-strategies-posters/

2. Dictionary Dig Task Cards:

Here are 40 engaging task cards to develop dictionary skills in a fun and meaningful way! Children use task cards to search for different types of words in the english language (nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs etc.) and become familiar with tricky words that they can use to extend their vocabulary! Each task card contains instructions and a difficulty rating out of 5 stars. Students can use the additional worksheet included in this resource to write the words they find, page number, definition and record how many stars they collected. Such a fun way for students to become familiar with using dictionaries.

Resource Link: https://resourcesforteaching.com.au/all-resources/dictionary-dig-task-cards/

3. Perimeter Task Cards:

Includes 40 engaging task cards great for year 4, 5 and 6 students learning about perimeter and measurement/geometry! Students must use their knowledge of different 2D shapes and their features to solve problems in various forms. Easy to download, print, laminate and cut then use as a lifelong tool. Or simply display these cards on your Smart Board for students to solve, great for fast finishers or as a warm-up activity! This is a useful resource for upper primary school teachers! I hope your students love using these task cards to improve their mathematical skills.

Resource Link: https://resourcesforteaching.com.au/all-resources/perimeter-task-cards/

To view their entire collection of teaching materials, visit the Resources for Teaching website for worksheets, activities, posters,  teacher resources books, templates, and plenty more.


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